Manhattan with Moko Rum 8 Y.O
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Manhattan with Moko Rum 8 Y.O

Experience the power and force of a Manhattan, where the character of Moko Rum complements the sweet bitterness of Vermouth for a cocktail with golden hues and flavorful notes.

Moko Rum 8 Y.O, Vermouth, bitters


Recipe for 1 person
  • 4 cl of Moko Rum 8 Y.O
  • 3 cl Vermouth
  • 2 drops of bitters


Time : 6 minutes
  1. In a mixing glass filled with ice,
  2. Add the Rum, Vermouth and bitters
  3. Stir with a cocktail spoon
  4. Strain the mixture directly into a chilled glass
  5. Add a maraschino cherry
  6. Cheers!
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